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Blocks all email-borne threats so you can communicate with confidence

Despite the industry you operate in, you use email on a daily basis to communicate with both clients and employees. And while you might think that nuisances like spam and viruses can’t cause you any real damage, a large number of businesses that have fallen victim to these threats tell a different story. ZEROSPAM from Ashlin Technology Solutions makes sure your email system is always protected with a solid wall of defense so you can work easy and enjoy peace of mind.

Complete Protection

This cloud solution offers two antivirus agents and a special anti-phishing layer that block 99.8% of spam, viruses, malware, phishing, harmful attachments, dangerous links and more. Harmful, camouflaged executable files are detected and attacks are dealt with in the cloud without any disruption to your business. With that, you can ensure strong redundancy, protection against loss of email, and truly guard your users and your business.

Resource Savings

ZEROSPAM requires minimal IT management and no installation and configuration because it runs in the cloud, allowing you to save costs and lighten the load on your IT staff. Bandwidth usage is reduced by 30-50% and security updates and maintenance are all taken care of by our team of technicians. Should you come across any problem with your infrastructure, our 24/7 support service has you covered.

Seamless Support

Ashlin Technology Solutions offers quick and responsive technical support where your calls are always answered by our team of technician instead of going to an automated phone answering system. Should there be any problems with your infrastructures, incoming email will be queued free of charge for five days. We’re more than happy to assist you with any challenge you may have.

Free your server from ALL unwanted email. It's easy!


With a proven catch-rate of 99.5%+ and a very low FP rate, ZEROSPAM blocks all email-borne threats which includes spam, viruses, harmful attachments, malware, dangerous links, etc. ZEROSPAM is compatible with Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Notes, GroupWise, Exim, Sendmail, Postfix, Kerio and much more, giving you the extra layer of protection for complete peace of mind.


  • 2 antivirus agents
  • Proven catch-rate of 99.5 %+
  • Bullet-proof protection against all executable files
  • User-friendly interface
  • Global and individual quarantines
  • Unparalleled technical support
  • Protection against loss of email
  • Data centers located in Canada

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