More office space. Less hassles with technology.

As a small or medium sized business owner, you likely try to cut the cost of overheads as much as possible. So it’s not surprising that many SMB offices are a little cramped. It may even feel like employees, servers, desktops and your technology are all stacked up on top of each other. But what if you could change this instantly? Imagine if you could walk into your office one morning and be greeted by a surplus of space. It would probably feel like a breath of fresh air - like you had a whole new office. Wouldn’t that feel great?

Virtualization reclaims your office space from technology. It gives you and your employees the headspace to focus and operate your business at its optimal level.

What’s more, Virtualization gives you all the benefits of your technology, but without all the hassle. You’ll waste less time with management, maintenance, and of course the constant irritation of never-ending technology upgrades. Instead, Ashlin Technology Solutions hosts all your technology off-site, and then delivers it to you via the internet.

Virtualization solutions from Ashlin Technology Solutions give you:

  • Lower costs – eliminate the need to purchase new servers by optimizing the ones you already own. Electricity bills will be noticeably lower too
  • Faster performance and loading - applications, programs and files are more readily accessible, improving productivity
  • Sleep like a baby - if problems occur that result in downtime or a halt in operations, our recovery programs enable you to get back up and running more rapidly

Curious to learn more about how Virtualization can help your business? Give us a call today, and our experts will be happy to explain all the details.

No longer let technology clog up your office space.

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