Desktop Support

Don’t let faulty desktops be an excuse for downtime

Whether your business has five computers or 100, businesses large and small rely on their desktop PCs for daily operations. When they’re not functioning properly, your employees can’t work, and they instead waste time in idle chit-chat or playing on their phones. In other words, your business suffers downtime and loss of productivity.

Ashlin Technology Solutions’s Desktop Support not only ensures that your PCs don’t cause excessive downtime, but also optimizes them so you’re getting the most out of your technology investment. We do this by providing periodical assessments of your desktops along with reliable support.

Desktop Support from Ashlin Technology Solutions offers these benefits:

  • Complete care - with support for a wide range of desktop PCs and peripherals
  • Lightning fast support - because when you need help, you need it now
  • Decades of expertise - in business since 1983, we’ve years of troubleshooting experience
  • Affordable service - stay productive without blowing your budget

Now you can truly ensure that all your computers are safe, secure and up-to-date. Our Desktop Support service eradicates PC headaches that grind productivity to a hault.

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