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Leverage your business data

In today’s competitive world, business moves at the speed of light. And because of this, it’s absolutely vital that you have easy access to your information any time, anywhere. This ensures that you can effectively communicate with your staff, colleagues and clients, and enables everyone to stay on the same page - so that miscommunications don’t cause business slowdown, headaches, or damaged relationships.

Ashlin Technology Solutions’s Application Development solutions ensure your business stays competitive in a modern, global economy - where secure tools for protecting, accessing and sharing your vital business data are absolutely essential.

To keep your information flowing, Ashlin Technology Solutions offers solutions that combine your database information with business process applications. This delivers results that make your data available from any web-enabled device.

Ashlin Technology Solutions offers comprehensive Database & Application Development solutions for:

  • Data-driven websites - including internet and intranet applications
  • Custom builds - intranets, extranets and customized dashboard reports
  • Custom business process solutions - incorporating sales automation, online order processing, fulfillment, product information management and online training
  • Workflow automation - integrating your IT systems to improve business processes
  • Industry-standard Microsoft tools - we feature Microsoft SQL server and use Microsoft Visual Studio.NET for application development

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