About Ashlin

Ashlin has been working with North American business clients since 1983 helping them get the best results from their technology acquisitions. To accomplish this Ashlin does the following.

We supply virtually everything our clients need in technology products and services at competitive prices.

We maintain a database internally of over 1,000,000 products including all the distribution costs and inventory throughout North America.  For Canadian clients we include inventory at US warehouses that service Canada as well.  For US Clients we give them access to Canadian warehouses. This database is updated every night and in real time when you click on the Inventory tab for any product.

Because we have such an extensive product database we can tell our clients immediately if a product is available, from where, and at what cost. This is critical to our ability to meet our goal of providing the best customer service in the industry, period.

We do Not hide behind voicemail. We have it, but we almost never let an automated attendant answer the phone, people answer our phones over 90% of the time. So you get results not frustration. On the rare occasions when messages are left, they are returned promptly.

Because we have low turnover (almost none) and expert Account Executives, we always provide free advice and consulting to our clients. We don’t just process orders like many of our competitors, we make sure you are getting what you need, when you need it.

Our expertise does not end with the sales process. With a combination of internal and subcontractor skills we take on projects of all sizes, even providing professional project management when appropriate. Think of Ashlin as the General contractor, that sources the materials, engages the trades, and ensures the house gets built.

In short at Ashlin we build relationships with our clients based on trust and unmatched customer service. We are a trusted advisor, supplier, and provider of services.

Products and Services

  • Systems including conventional PCs, portable solutions, and servers
  • Storage: SAN, NAS, Local, Virtual, Cloud
  • Security including specialized appliances, software, and cloud services
  • Virtualization of servers, storage, and PCs – including cloud based solutions
  • Software including commercial and custom solutions (we started as a software firm over 25 years ago)
  • Telephone Systems and unified communications solutions
  • IP Based phone services (dial tone) to complement existing analog lines, to reduce costs, and increase availability
  • Printing solutions and supplies. Since printing can be mission critical, we take supplies orders seriously and normally deliver overnight, with emergency delivery options available when required.

Ashlin is structured for the next millennium with a flexible virtual organization composed of the top sub-contractors in the business. If you need a job done, we have the optimal team to complete your task.

With our knowledgeable people, effective processes and leading-edge technologies, Ashlin Technology Solutions Inc. can assist you in adapting Information Technology to meet your business challenges and gain a sustainable competitive advantage.