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Network Operations Center Henderson

24/7 Network Operations Center

Do you have difficulty switching your brain off after a long day at the office? Are you afraid of an IT issue bubbling up while you’re off the clock? With our 24/7 Network Operations Center service, you can rest easy knowing we’re always monitoring and maintaining your IT - 365 days a year.

IT Help Desk Henderson

24/7 Help Desk

No longer deal with the frustration of the “tech support runaround” that leaves you wasting valuable minutes on the phone. We understand that when you need support, you need it NOW! Let our friendly technicians give you the quick, attentive support you deserve.

Business Continuity Planning Henderson

Business Continuity Planning

How prepared are you to face a technology disaster? Business Continuity Planning not only ensures your data backups are adequate, but creates a strategic plan that protects your crucial data and keeps your business in operation before, during and after a disaster.

Cloud Computing Henderson

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing makes it easy to encourage more collaboration among your staff, reduce your IT bills and eliminate expensive upgrades. Take advantage of this groundbreaking technology now, and discover why thousands of businesses around the globe are already using it.

Why Choose Ashlin?

Does your business suffer from unreliable IT that causes constant downtime? No problem! For decades, Ashlin Technology Solutions Inc. has been helping North American business clients get the best results from their technology. To accomplish this, Ashlin Technology Solutions does the following:

  • Provides you all the technology products and services you need at competitive prices.
  • Ensures lightning fast support so you get results, not frustration.
  • Helps our valued clients get reliable technology they can actually count on.
  • Empowers you with the knowledge of consultants who have decades of IT experience - so you can run your business free of technology worries.

With Ashlin Technology Solutions as your strategic technology partner, you can:

  • Maximize productivity - more uptime means more effective work time for your employees
  • Focus on your business - without technology distractions, you’ll have the concentration you need to grow your organization
  • Relax, knowing your data is secure - your business data and network are safe and secure always
  • Gain peace of mind - 24/7/365 live on-call IT support when your business needs it most

Finally, you can stop worrying about your business network support. Small business owners from Miami to Toronto already depend on us to keep their networks safe and secure. And now you can too!

See what other business owners are saying about us...

Thrilled with the final result

I wanted to tell you that we are very happy with how the project unfolded, and thrilled with the final result. Everyone was very professional and so easy to work with. Kudos to you and your team for a job well done.

Karen Rosen,
Fieldstone Parents Association

I’d certainly recommend

Andrew talked about personalized service, but it really rang true (excuse the telecom pun) when he called me from his home in the evening to ensure I got set-up alright. I’d certainly recommend him as you consider a potential TalkSwitch implementation.

Cyrus Mavalwala,
Founding Partner, Advantis Communications Inc.

Service is the best one in Canada

This is my first time to do the business with your company. I am happy to tell you I think your company service is the best one in Canada. It's very hard to find such service with the customer care and satisfy in Canada.

Alan Che,
Buyer, Daily Seafood Inc.

Not ready to call us just yet?

Not ready to call us just yet? We understand. In fact, we may offer more technology support than you need. Not all businesses are looking for increased productivity, more efficiency, and bulletproof data protection. Some businesses are simply satisfied with the status quo and are already large enough. But for those who are interested in leveraging technology to grow their organization, we encourage you to give us a try for FREE with a Network Audit and Consultation.

With this free service, our technicians take a detailed look at your current IT operations to ensure they’re running optimally. We closely inspect the security of your network to make sure it’s free of holes where a virus or worm could sneak in. This ensures your business isn’t saddled with a nasty infestation of malware that could cost thousands of dollars to fix. And if you do need a better technology solution, we’ll recommend one grounded in industry best practice.

Best of all, with this FREE service we’re not asking for anything from you in return - and promise not to bother you with any annoying follow-up sales calls. Put simply, we’re passionate about technology and we want to ensure all small businesses are using IT to its optimal potential.

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About Us

Since 1983, small and medium-sized business in Canada and the US have been relying on Ashlin Technology Solutions Inc. for outstanding IT support, state-of-the-art technology delivered at competitive prices, and relief from the day-to-day headaches of dealing with computers. With over three decades of experience as an IT service provider, our seasoned technicians and qualified consultants can give your business a distinct advantage. Whether you’re looking to add VoIP or Virtualization to your business, or want added peace of mind with Disaster Recovery or Business Continuity Planning, our experts can deliver you the trusted technology solutions you need.

Because we have low, almost non-existent turnover, and expert Account Executives, we always provide free advice and consulting to our clients. Best of all, we don’t hide behind voicemail. We have it, but we almost never let an automated attendant answer the phone. That way, you can get the support you need immediately. In short, Ashlin Technology Solutions is focused on building relationships with our clients based on trust and unmatched customer service. We are your trusted advisor, supplier, and provider of services.


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